Advanced Dental Technology for Improved Treatments & Comfort

When you choose to entrust your dental care to Dr. Eric Fisher and his team, you can be assured that they have utilized the latest dental technology to make your time in their office as comfortable as possible. Our Plainview, NY, practice boasts some of the most advanced equipment to provide high quality restorative and cosmetic dental treatments for the whole family. The panoramic x-ray and computerized tomography (CT) scan imaging systems in our office offer segmented, sectional scans of specific parts of the mouth to reduce radiation and obtain more accurate diagnoses. We also use laser technology to dramatically reduce postoperative pain and bleeding while decreasing healing times. Furthermore, our impression scanner streamlines the process of creating molds for dental restorations, making the process faster and less messy than ever before.

More Precise, Comfortable Treatment

New technology is constantly evolving and improving modern dental care. Dr. Fisher uses advanced tools and techniques at his practice to provide patients with the most effective treatment and highest-quality results. From diagnosis with 3-D cone beam scanners to individualized restorations, these innovations also shed light on benefits to patients' overall oral health.

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Imaging Systems

Our Planmeca 2-D/3-D Panoramic x-ray machine takes digital images with a level of accuracy that cannot be understated. Compared to traditional x-rays, our digital x-ray technology reduces your radiation exposure by more than 80 percent. Similarly, our CT scan machine can focus on a very specific area of treatment for an incredible level of detail and emits a very low dose of radiation. With this system, we can also superimpose a dental implant into the image as a way to evaluate whether an implant is a suitable option.

Dr. Fisher firmly believes in combining outstanding patient care with the most advanced dental technology.

Laser Dentistry

Lasers have been used in recent years to help fight gum disease, as part of a filling procedure, or to contour the gums into a more pleasing shape. Thanks to lasers, pockets of bacteria in the gums can be eradicated with little effect to the surrounding tissues. This technology can also be used to prepare a tooth for a filling by eradicating the bacteria that contributes to tooth decay.

In addition to fighting bacteria, lasers can be applied to cosmetic procedures. Patients with uneven gums or gums that are too large in proportion to their teeth can achieve a more symmetrical gum line with a laser treatment. The lasers will be used to trim away a small amount of tissue in a precise manner while also sealing off blood vessels. Patients will not need any sutures, will have less post-operative discomfort, and will experience minimal inflammation and bleeding.

Digital Impressions

A dentist uses digital technology to create impressions of a patient's teeth
Our office uses advanced digital technology to create precise impressions of your teeth.

The 3shape Trios® intraoral scanner eliminates the need for messy wax molds and creates a more comfortable process for our patients. In addition, use of this technology requires less adjustment and is more accurate than the impression systems of old. It also reduces the need for remakes, and is generally much faster, allowing you to spend less time in the dentist’s chair.

Benefit from Our Dental Technology

Dr. Fisher firmly believes in combining outstanding patient care with the most advanced dental technology. To find out how this commitment can improve your dental health, contact our office online today to schedule your next appointment. You can also call us at (516) 942-4440 to speak with a member of our team. 

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