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The Right Dental Bridges Option for You

A dental bridge

Dental bridges can replace between one to three missing teeth in a row. 

Missing teeth can detract from the appearance of a smile and make it difficult to eat and communicate comfortably. Dr. Eric Fisher offers custom dental bridges at his Plainview, NY, practice for patients who want to replace missing teeth with high-quality, lifelike restorations. Dental bridges are designed to replace one to three consecutive missing teeth. Working with a trusted laboratory, we offer traditional and implant-supported bridges that are finely crafted to blend flawlessly with your smile. 

Traditional vs. Implant-Retained Bridges

There are two types of dental bridges: traditional and implant-retained. Traditional bridges are used to replace between one and three adjacent teeth. The traditional approach involves holding the artificial teeth in place with dental crowns that are attached to the teeth adjacent to the gap in your smile. 

Alternatively, implant-retained bridges are attached to dental implants, which are small titanium posts that are surgically inserted into the jawbone. While traditional bridges can effectively complete a smile, implant-retained bridges represent a considerable leap in dental advancement. An implant-supported bridge provides a restoration option that is supremely lifelike in both look and feel. Implants also boast a lifetime of support for bridges. Furthermore, implants stimulate the jawbone and prevent its deterioration, ultimately preserving one’s facial appearance.

Our office also provides hybrid bridges that combine the advantages of a fixed replacement system with those of a removable denture. Additionally, bar and locator technologies offer self-aligning features for movement, durability, and optimal fit. If, however, patients are missing an entire dental arch, implant-supported dentures or a traditional denture may be a more appropriate treatment. 

Close Gaps in Your Smile

Dental bridges, also known as fixed partial dentures, can replace one or more missing consecutive teeth. Made up of pontics, or artificial teeth, a traditional bridge is secured using dental crowns that are cemented over the adjacent teeth. If you are considering a bridge, Dr. Fisher emphasizes the importance of researching doctors to ensure the best possible results.

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Placing a Dental Bridge

To place a traditional bridge, the teeth adjacent to the gap in your smile will first need to be reshaped to accommodate your restoration. Once Dr. Fisher has created ample room for your bridge, impressions will be taken of your teeth and gums to ensure an optimal fit. These impressions will be sent to a trusted partner lab where your bridge will be created. In approximately two weeks, you can return to our office to have your bridge cemented in place. 

If you choose to receive an implant-retained bridge, you will first undergo dental implant surgery. During this procedure, small titanium posts will be surgically placed into your jawbone. Once these posts have fused with your jawbone—a process that typically takes four to six months—you can return to our office to receive your custom-made bridge. 

The Highest Quality Materials

Whether you decide upon a traditional or an implant-supported bridge, your restoration will be crafted from high-quality materials. We offer bridges made of all porcelain and IPS e.max® ceramic that can last for decades. Additionally, these materials provide a realistic sheen and translucency just like natural enamel and can be matched to the shade of your surrounding teeth.

Working with a trusted laboratory, we offer traditional and implant-supported bridges that are finely crafted to blend flawlessly with your smile. 

The process to prepare your bridges is also very patient-friendly. Rather than the traditional messy impression system, Dr. Fisher’s office utilizes a 3shape Trios digital impression system that boasts extremely accurate impressions without the need for uncomfortable waxes. 

Receive a Dental Bridge to Complete Your Smile

If you are missing several adjacent teeth, Dr. Fisher provides a number of dental bridge solutions to meet your tooth replacement needs. To learn more about dental bridges, call our office at (516) 942-4440 or contact us online to schedule your consultation. 

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