Tooth Extractions with Your Comfort in Mind 

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Dr. Fisher can safely and effectively extract teeth that have extensive decay or damage or those that pose a threat to your other healthy teeth. 

In order to alleviate pain and ensure your oral health, a tooth that has extensive decay or gum disease or which has sustained injury may need to be removed. At his Plainview, NY, practice, Dr. Eric Fisher can perform a tooth extraction when every conservative effort to save the tooth has been exhausted. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Fisher has a gentle surgical method and compassionate bedside manner to make you feel as relaxed as possible. If you need to have one or several teeth—including wisdom teeth—removed, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with Dr. Fisher. 

Reasons for Tooth Extraction

Whenever it is possible, Dr. Fisher will always try to save a damaged tooth before extracting it. In some instances, however, this is simply not feasible and an extraction is the only way to prevent worsening pain and escalating oral health problems. An extraction may be recommended if you have:

  • A tooth too weak to be preserved with traditional restorative treatments, like fillings or dental crowns
  • A cavity too large for a filling or crown
  • A crack that extends below the gum line and into your tooth root
  • A dental infection that cannot be eradicated with root canal therapy
  • Extensive gum disease has weakened the jawbone and connective tissues supporting a tooth
  • A tooth trapped under the gums (impacted tooth)
  • A tooth that has broken off at or under the gum line
  • Incoming wisdom teeth that are crowding and shifting adjacent teeth
  • To create sufficient room in your mouth for orthodontic treatment

What To Expect during an Extraction

Tooth extractions may be straightforward, in which case the area will be numbed and the tooth removed from the socket. For other patients, such as those with impacted or broken tooth, a surgical extraction may be needed.

During this procedure, your dentist will gently lift the layer of gum tissue that is covering your tooth. Then the tooth will be excised with minimal disturbance to the surrounding tissues. If a tooth is fractured into several pieces, Dr. Fisher will likely take out the tooth bit by bit, requiring more time in the chair.

Restore Your Oral Health

Over his career, Dr. Fisher has refined his technique to minimize tooth extraction pain for patients. He credits his advanced training to an externship at St. Luke's Hospital, during which he performed thousands of extractions under the expert guidance of Dr. Jerry Friendman. While discomfort and recovery time will vary, Dr. Fisher takes a gentle approach and strives to provide patients with the best possible treatment experience.

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Surgical extractions manipulate more oral tissue than a simple extraction. For this reason, we offer nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation to surgical extraction patients. However, we want all of our patients to feel calm and comfortable during this procedure, so sedation can be provided to patients receiving multiple extractions, or to who have dental phobia.

The length of the recovery period from a tooth extraction will largely depend on the circumstances of your tooth removal, in particular how many teeth were removed and if they were impacted or broken. Generally speaking, any pain and swelling will subside after a few days, and the gums will take approximately three to four weeks to heal entirely.

Tooth Extractions with Dr. Fisher

Dr. Fisher and his team understand that nobody looks forward to having a tooth extracted; it can be an intimidating—if not anxiety-ridden—prospect.

Patients who have no other alternative and must have a tooth removed are in good hands with Dr. Fisher. He uses the most advanced techniques available to maintain his patients' oral health. He goes to great lengths to reduce the amount of tissue affected and mitigates the trauma to the tissues that are manipulated so you can experience less discomfort and faster healing times.

Dr. Fisher has been extracting teeth safely and effectively for over three decades. He can perform virtually any kind of tooth removal, including teeth that are impacted or broken, wisdom teeth, or multiple teeth at once. 

Dr. Fisher has been extracting teeth safely and effectively for over three decades. He can perform virtually any kind of tooth removal, including teeth that are impacted or broken, wisdom teeth, or multiple teeth at once. Patients with impacted wisdom teeth present specific needs and potential hazards and will be referred to an outstanding oral surgeon who specializes in such cases. After a tooth removal, Dr. Fisher can replace the tooth with dental implants and high-quality crowns or bridges.

Alleviate Pain and Protect Your Oral Health with Tooth Extraction

If you are suffering from a tooth that is so compromised it needs to be removed, contact our office online today or call our office at (516) 942-4440 to schedule your appointment. Dr. Fisher can provide you with gentle, minimal-discomfort care that quickly rejuvenates your dental health.

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