What to Expect During Your Root Canal Procedure


Root canal treatment is necessary to avoid an extraction in cases of internal infection and other types of trauma. The procedure can be completed in one to several visits, depending on your needs and the complexity of the case. Dr. Fisher stresses to patients that each individual responds differently but some degree of discomfort is a normal response to treatment.

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The root canal procedure is performed when teeth are either excessively decayed, the root is exposed by some type of fracture or decay, the nerve and blood vessels are removed thoroughly, cleansed, dried, measured, and filled with the inert material, usually some form of warm gutta-percha. The procedure of root canal can vary. It can vary from single visits to multiple visits. If a patient asks me what to expect following a root canal procedure, I would tell them there are varied responses. If the patient has an infection or a swelling, they're going to be uncomfortable for days. In general, if you go into a fairly healthy nerve and blood vessels, meaning it's vital and the nerve and blood vessels are intact, you will have likely a much more favorable response and little or no discomfort after the first 72 hours.
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