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Dr. Fisher offers non-surgical periodontal treatment, also known as scaling and root planing, which removes harmful bacteria from below the gum line and smooths the dental roots. His team educates patients so they can play an active role in preventing recurring gum disease and protecting their overall oral health. Patients often receive oral hygiene instructions, aids to manage their condition, and a variety of informational materials.

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One of the things that really does separate this office from most offices is I am an advocate of non-surgical periodontics. The largest majority of my patients come in here and are instructed on how to take care of their teeth. We institute rigorous scaling and replaning to just scraping the roots of the teeth. We have patients come in a regular recall every three months that require it. Non-surgical periodontics is basically just thoroughly cleaning your teeth more often and really instructing patients. We have such an array of material here that we give to our patients. They walk out with bags, it's like Christmas for them every day. The periodontal treatments that are available in this office are basically non-surgical in nature, which is just scaling and replaning, thoroughly cleaning the roots of the teeth. All the hygienists are trained in going below the gum line, removing irritants from the root surface, and instructing patients on how to take care of their teeth with all different types of aids. And that's probably one of the most important things that we do for patients on a periodontal basis, is avoid surgical periodontics.
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