What Are Dental Implants?


Dr. Fisher highly recommends dental implants, which play an important role in modern restorative dentistry. These small titanium posts are placed into the jaw to replace missing teeth, which achieves significantly improved stability and durability over traditional restorations. Dr. Fisher has undergone extensive training and has been successfully placing implants for more than three decades.

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Dental implants are the single most significant advance in dentistry in history. Dental implants are titanium fixtures. They appear like a screw. They are placed into the bone in the upper or lower jaw to replace teeth that are missing, that are used to support and/or replace teeth. Determining the need and placement and subsequently having a team of people that are going to work together to place the implants and restore them is something that I, in particular, have been advocating since 1984. I have studied with many of the world's most prominent implantologists in learning over these 30-somewhat years the best ways to present, place, and restore implants.
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