Using New Dental Technology to Improve Treatment & Outcomes


New technology is constantly evolving and improving modern dental care. Dr. Fisher uses advanced tools and techniques at his practice to provide patients with the most effective treatment and highest-quality results. From diagnosis with 3-D cone beam scanners to individualized restorations, these innovations also shed light on benefits to patients' overall oral health.

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In this day and age, technology and dentistry are one. The technology in dentistry has grown so enormously and affected it in such a positive and necessary way that not having current technology in your office, you're basically disallowing yourself from treating your patients in the most effective capacity. The types of technology that we utilize range from individual restorations, crowns, CBCT, which is cone beam technology. Technology has evolved to not only make the procedures more effective, they've also made the industry itself more aware of the health aspects of what we're delivering to our patients.
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