Refined Techniques for Minimized Pain during Tooth Extractions


Over his career, Dr. Fisher has refined his technique to minimize tooth extraction pain for patients. He credits his advanced training to an externship at St. Luke's Hospital, during which he performed thousands of extractions under the expert guidance of Dr. Jerry Friendman. While discomfort and recovery time will vary, Dr. Fisher takes a gentle approach and strives to provide patients with the best possible treatment experience.

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One of the advantages I have as a practitioner is when I was in dental school, I did an externship at St. Luke's Hospital. I extracted maybe a couple of thousand teeth under the auspices of Dr. Jerry Friedman. But extractions are something I learned how to do from some really wonderful people that taught me worthwhile techniques that were as atraumatic as possible. Case of an extraction, the recovery time can vary enormously. So it's completely dependent on the degree of trauma that the patient's exposed to while removing the tooth. The large majority of my patients are very surprised as to how easy it is for me to extract teeth.
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