What Are Dental Crowns?


Dental crowns are tooth-shaped restorations used to replace a single missing tooth or restore a damaged tooth. Typically, crown patients will require two appointments spaced just a week apart. Dr. Fisher uses advanced technology and high-quality materials to provide patients with a convenient, comfortable treatment experience.

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Dental crowns are just single unit replacements. They pertain to just a single tooth as opposed to a bridge, which applies to multiple teeth. So a single crown is pretty much a home run. You come in. You see me once. You come back a week later, you can get your crown. The advantage of being in this office for individual units is the technology. It's the scanner. It's the type of the crown we choose. It's the fact that I've stayed up with the types of crowns that are available. They're basically a very routine restoration. For me, they're extremely routine and fairly simple. They go quickly and they're not an overwhelming procedure. Most people are very comfortable.
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